Four things to do at Halloween

It might be getting colder and darker but there’s still lots of adventures to be had in our town. Read on for some great activities to keep you entertained in autumn. 

1 Explore the beauty of Anagach Woods

There’s no mistaking the changing of the season now. Where everything was green a few weeks ago, now the vibrant yellows, oranges and reds are in full effect. And there’s no better place to see that than in Grantown’s own Anagach Woods.




Walking down General Wade’s Military Road and being surrounded by colour is an amazing treat for everyone. There are so many trails to explore, with the promise of beautiful views and wildlife on offer. Red deer often bound across the path, while red squirrels can be seen scampering up and down the pines.

And keep your eyes peeled for some smaller creatures. We love looking for these blue and orange stripey caterpillars of the Oak Eggar moth. They’re still busy munching on the heather if you take a closer look.


2 Get your popcorn at the ready for the return of the big screen

Grantown Community Cinema makes its long-awaited return this week with a brilliant line-up of spooky films.

The 47-seater venue, which is in the local YMCA on the High Street, closed when the pandemic hit. Now the volunteer-run cinema is back, with screenings to suit all ages.




First up is Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (15) on Friday October 29 at 7.30pm. The comedy horror tells the story of two hillbillies who are mistaken for murderers by a group of college students on a trip to the wilderness.

The following morning, the focus is on the wee ones with a relaxed screening of Room on the Broom (U), the animated version of Julia Donaldson’s popular story. Children will also get the chance to take part in a special spooky activity before the film.

And in the afternoon, there’s the family-friendly Paranorman (PG), where Norman discovers his ability to speak to the dead might just help save his town.

You can book your tickets online at


3 Dare you take on the Wolf of Badenoch?

One of the most notorious episodes of local history features Alexander Stewart, the Earl of Buchan, AKA the Wolf of Badenoch. One of his local lairs is at beautiful Lochindorb, to the north of Grantown, where his island castle now lies in ruins.

Stewart famously set fire to Elgin Cathedral and parts of Forres during a campaign of terror against the church after the Bishop of Moray refused to annul his marriage. And legend says that he lost his soul in a game of chess with the Devil.




It is this tale that has provided inspiration for a puzzle at Escape Cairngorms, at The Pagoda in Grantown. Teams are challenged to find clues and solves a series of problems in order to escape the Wolf’s dungeon within an hour.

Will you take up the challenge? Book your slot now at


4 Go guising down Grantown High Street

Guising is a uniquely Scottish term. Traditionally, it means wearing a mask and visiting houses, where children would have to tell a joke or sing a song in return for a sweetie. Many of the houses in the town get decorated at this time of the year to indicate that they are open for guisers to visit.




But Our High Street businesses are getting also into the Halloween spirit. Many have decorated their windows with ghosts, pumpkins and other scary characters. And there’s a few Halloween-themed treats on offer at the local bakeries and cakeries.

We can’t promise that you’ll get a sweetie in return for a joke when you go to the till but it’s always worth a try!