Grantown Community Cinema

a like minded dedicated group of film lovers arrange and host a community cinema in one of the rooms available in the YMCA, Grantown-on-Spey

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Grantown Community Cinema

We are a small and dedicated group of volunteers who are looking to re-invigorate our community and provide you with a fresh and inviting space to meet, chat and most importantly bond through our love of film. Our aim is to house a community cinema in one of the rooms available in the YMCA.

Ultimately we want the space to become not just a place where people come together to watch films, but also a multi-purpose space that can be used by residents of all ages and community groups. A place where our youth groups can showcase their own creativity, our historic society can tell visitors about the history of this town and the beautiful surroundings. A place that people old and young can mingle and watch a film as a community without feeling ostracised because there isn’t a cinema close enough for those of us who have no transport.

The aim is for this to become not just self-sufficient, but to also create funds to help re-invest in the Grantown community, such as additional renovations to the YMCA community centre and other projects in the future.

Contact Details

Grantown Community Cinema
C/o The YMCA Community Centre
80 High Street
Grantown on Spey
PH26 3EL
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Committee Members

Isla Game
Spencer Game
Naomi Miles
Katie Fenton

Grantown Online is supported by:

  • twofentons

  • Firhall Highland Bed & Breakfast

  • Al Miles Fine Art

Grants & Donations from: